Advice on foreign trade at the Port of Algeciras

PARTIDA CUSTOMS differs from other companies in the customs and logistics sector located in the Port of Algeciras, in the added value of its services. It offers advice on foreign trade and provides guidance in the links of the entire logistics chain to enhance efficiency and agility in the procedures. A matter that helps its customers to strengthen their business project and ensure that inside and outside our borders, these are the right ones.

At PARTIDA CUSTOMS we offer our clients who want to start their foreign trade journey inside and outside the European Economic Community, how?

First, arrange a meeting with the Project Manager. In the first phase, we evaluate the product to be imported or exported, the origin, destination, frequency and volumes.

Once we have all these data, we proceed to manage the registration of the company as an importer/exporter, request the relevant permits and register the company with the different customs and para-customs agencies.

With this information we prepare and check that all the documentation is in order, so that it complies correctly with the customs regulations together with those of the Spanish Tax Agency and of course, matching it with the legislation of the country that is imported/exported.

In addition, at PARTIDA we provide guidance on the regulations in force in aspects such as labeling, packaging and palletizing that you must use and the regulations regarding the payment of VAT and/or tariffs that you are required to pay depending on the country where you are going to carry out the foreign trade work.

It is an essential phase, since fiscally everything must be correct.

In the case of a foreign company that wants to commercialize products in Spanish territory, PARTIDA has a specific department that will take care of facilitating all the legislative procedures so that they can establish themselves as non-resident Spanish companies.

And last but not least, PARTIDA CUSTOMS explains the sanitary and phytosanitary regulations and quality controls that goods must pass, depending on the nature, origin and characteristics of the product.

A control that ensures the quality of imported and exported products.

If you are looking for a company that can provide you with advice on international trade in the Port of Algeciras to expand your business and market your products, PARTIDA CUSTOMS is the best answer to your needs.