A tailor-made consultancy for a tailor-made solution

We study each particular case in order to offer a tailor-made solution that guarantees solution that guarantees the optimization of the logistic chain. Working together with our with our clients to adjust the casuistry in order to avoid delays and unnecessary avoid unnecessary delays and additional costs.

We review all relevant areas to ensure the best result.

Legal: We advise on tax and legal matters to make sure you are getting all the best benefits available in import and export customs matters.


We create automations and integrations with your systems. To generate reports and essential communications that guarantee a fluid and immediate communication. Including a customized area with all the information relevant to your operations in real time that help you have a clear view of the status of all operations.

OEA - Compliance

Our technical legal department ensures that all procedures are adjusted to Customs requirements and to identify and classify legal risks faced and establish prevention, management, control and reaction mechanisms.


We take care of training your team in the relevant customs processes and subject matter to ensure that we speak the same language. Avoiding unnecessary delays and creating a close relationship between teams working together on import and export processes.

Customs Matters
VAT Taxation Tariffs

Complement your team's knowledge

Do they require technical expertise, audit perspectives, training? At Partida Logistics, we cover all of these needs. We provide a wide range of professional support and training services, with a team of in-house technical specialists, licensed customs brokers, lawyers, project managers, accountants and auditors.

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