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Open Side Containers: what are they and what are they used for?

Do you have to transport large-volume goods, are they difficult to handle, do they have an irregular profile, or do they have an uneven profile? Logistics offers solutions for everything. Anything you can imagine can be transported. An excellent alternative for these cases is the use of an Open Side container. We explain what it is, what its advantages are and what kind of goods it is usually used for.

What is an Open Side container?

An Open Side container, also known as an open container, is a type of large container used in maritime logistics that can have the following characteristics:

  • Lateral walls absent.
  • Completely removable side walls.
  • Side walls that can be opened 100%.
  • Double door side walls (with one door on each short side).

These features facilitate access to the inside of the container from the side, making it especially useful for loading and unloading large or bulky goods. Open Side containers are used in situations where greater flexibility is needed for cargo handling, allowing more efficient and faster loading and unloading compared to standard containers.

Advantages of an Open Side Container

Open Side containers offer a number of significant advantages in the field of logistics and goods transport.

Easy handling of large goods

The main advantage lies in its design that allows a complete side opening. This greatly facilitates the loading and unloading of large or bulky goods that would otherwise be difficult to fit or handle in a standard container.

More efficient and safer loading and unloading

The lateral accessibility provided by Open Side containers allows for greater flexibility in the logistics process. Operators can load and unload goods more efficiently and safely, as they are not limited by the narrowness of conventional container doors. This is especially beneficial for long, wide or heavy products, such as industrial machinery, vehicles, pipes, construction materials, among others.

Quick and easy access to goods

In addition, the versatility of Open Side containers makes them ideal for situations where quick and easy access to cargo is required during transport or storage. For example, in loading and unloading operations in ports or warehouses where agile handling of goods is required.

Optimization of goods space

Another important advantage is its ability to optimize cargo space. By allowing goods to be loaded along the entire length of the removable sidewall, the available space inside the container is maximized, which can result in increased transportation efficiency and a reduction in associated costs.

What kind of goods are Open Side containers used for ?

Open Side containers are ideal for a wide variety of goods that require easy and flexible side access during transport and storage. Their innovative design allows for the loading and unloading of oversized, bulky or irregularly shaped products, as well as materials that cannot be easily handled through the narrow doors of standard containers.

  1. Industrial machinery: This type of cargo includes large and heavy equipment used in industry, such as electric generators, compressors, construction machinery, etc. Open Side containers allow loading and unloading this equipment safely and efficiently, facilitating its transportation to different destinations.
  2. Vehicles: Open Side containers are ideal for transporting vehicles, whether they are cars, trucks, agricultural machinery, or even small boats. The full side opening of the container facilitates the loading and unloading of vehicles, allowing them to be transported safely and securely.
  3. Building materials: Products such as pipes, beams, drywall, windows and doors, among others, are more difficult to handle in standard containers due to their size and shape. Open Side containers provide an efficient solution by allowing these materials to be loaded and unloaded along the entire length of the container’s removable side wall.
  4. Electrical and electronic equipment: This type of cargo includes large electrical and electronic equipment, such as solar panels, wind generators, telecommunications equipment, etc. Open Side containers are ideal for this type of cargo due to their lateral accessibility; which facilitates the safe handling and transportation of this equipment.
  5. Bulky or irregularly shaped goods: Products such as furniture, agricultural machinery, metal structures, among others, can be difficult to load and unload in standard containers due to their size or irregular shape. Open Side containers provide an efficient solution by allowing a complete side opening, which facilitates the handling and transport of this type of goods.
  6. Perishable or refrigerated products: Although not the most common option, Open Side containers can also be used for the transport of perishable or refrigerated products, as long as adequate measures are taken to ensure controlled temperature inside the container.

In short, Open Side containers are an alternative; offered by most shipping lines; to efficiently transport a wide variety of goods that require easy and flexible side access throughout the logistics chain. From industrial machinery and vehicles to construction materials and perishables; these sea containers offer a practical and safe solution for the transport of large, bulky or irregular shaped goods. Contact the PARTIDA team for more information, itineraries, transit days from origin to destination, quotations and conditions.

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